Eleanor Squillari went to work every day believing she was working for a great company, a great man. For twenty-five years she sat 15 feet from Bernard L. Madoff as his personal secretary. She never imagined that he was perpetrating the largest financial crime in history. On December 11th, 2008, her life as she knew it was destroyed…until she decided to do something about it.

She became obsessed with unearthing the truth. Through this film we experience this journey with Eleanor, as she examines how she unwittingly participated in the massive Ponzi scheme, which operated right under her nose. Years of Eleanor's files and personal memories begin to unwind the crimes as she aids the FBI investigation, and struggles to determine which of her formerly trusted co-workers were involved. As she probes deeper into the deceit, Eleanor finds that Bernie's Ponzi scheme was only the beginning, a small fraction of the criminal activity that took place everyday for decades, right under her nose.



Derek Anderson began his career in advertising where he became know as the creator and marketer of some of the world's most successful brands. Derek believed that the way to capture the hearts and minds of consumers was to engage them in a compelling story to transport them to a world that they would want to be a part of. Filmmaking was a natural next step for him after advertising. He sees parallels in his advertising work as well as in all of the films that he has made. A common theme that has run through all three of Derek's feature films is the ordinary man in extraordinary circumstances, going beyond their perceived limitations to triumph. This is clear in Christian Bale's John Connor (Terminator Salvation) as well as in Eleanor Squallari's real life journey captured in "In God We Trust".

Anderson founded The Halcyon Company and Halcyon Games, with Victor Kubicek in 2006. He was named by Variety one of the "Top 10 Producers to Watch" in 2008. He and Kubicek rang the opening bell of the NASDQ in May of 2009 on the opening day of "Terminator Salvation" At the time he had no idea that the NASDQ would be a part of his next film.


Victor Kubicek is a writer, producer and director. "In God We Trust" is his third feature film.

A graduate from Columbia University where he majored in Economics and Philosophy and a former member of the American Stock Exchange, Victor Kubicek has always been interested in the relationship between finance and human behavior. When he and Co-director Derek Anderson met Eleanor Squillari back in 2009, he knew that he had found the perfect subject to explore these themes.

Victor Kubicek co-founded the Halcyon Company and Halcyon Games in 2006. He produced one of the biggest blockbusters of Summer 2009, TERMINATOR SALVATION. Kubicek also produced the highly acclaimed motion picture COOK OFF, winner of the coveted 2007 HBO Aspen Comedy Award for Best Comedy Performance. He was named by "Variety" as one of the Top 10 Producers to Watch in 2008.

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A common theme that has run through all three of Kubicek and Anderson's feature films is that of the ordinary man caught in extraordinary cirumstances, going beyond their perceived limitations to triumph. This is clear in Christian Bale's Jonn Connor (Terminator Salvation) as well as in Eleanor Squillari's real life journey captured in "In God We Trust"

In Acquiring and relaunching the Terminator franchise, Kubicek and Anderson were exposed to the dark side of Hollywood and found themselves is symptomatic of out time and points to a larger fundamental problem within our system; that of industry insiders using their experience to defraud the American public for their own gain.
For over three years, Anderson and Kubicek have interviewed and chronicled Eleanor Squillari's journey since shortly after Bernie's arrest. With a lean crew and unparalleled access to Ms. Squillari and experts, the film was shot in and around New York City in real time as she unearthed the truth behind a fabled man and a complex scam that is far more than meets the eye.


Eleanor Squillari went on an interview some twenty-eight years ago for a receptionist position. She got the job. Turns out, her boss was one of the largest financial criminals in history. Now, after serving as Bernard Madoff¹s personal secretary for twenty-five years, Eleanor is doing her part to help bring about justice. Eleanor recently married and now lives in Florida.





HR 6695 is legislation drafted and proposed by Rep. Scott Garrett (R-NJ), to address the sham perpetrated by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) upon innocent investors...
Contact your local congressman to support the legislation!

Click to Take Action!



Wall Street’s money is safe, but yours is not!

The United States government has done very little to protect investors from fraud, but bailout American banks to the tune of $700+ billion…and commit trillions more…sure.

Don’t’ think this affects you? It does!

2/3 of Americans have some sort of investment; 50% of Americans have less than $10,000. And most retired Americans need their invested savings to supplement their retirement income to live, as the average social security check is $1,066. So when the government insisted that a non-profit corporation be created by an act of Congress to protect investors, the American investor thought she or he was safe. They were wrong.

In 1970, The Securities Investor Protection Corporation, SIPC, was established to protect the clients of brokerage firms that are forced into bankruptcy. Each account is supposed to be ensured up to $500,000, which may not save the fortunes of the very wealthy, but it is a lifesaver to the average American. However, when things go really wrong, SIPC doesn’t have the necessary funding to actually pay out claims. When the multi-billion dollar Madoff fraud was revealed, SIPC had less than $1billion in their coffers. The United States government has not stepped in with a solution.

According to their website, SIPC is the U.S. investor's first line of defense in the event a brokerage firm fails owing customers cash and securities. Well, this defense failed.
For years, those paying into SIPC were charged an annual premium of $150 in order to put the SIPC stamp of protection on their brokerage statements. $150!!!!!!

$150 annual premium paid by each and every Wall Street brokerage house to put a stamp of investor protection on their statements. Ask yourself this question, What type of insurance do you purchase for a $150 annual premium? Seriously.

Meanwhile the suits at all the big banks, even Madoff Securities, had the audacity to enact (SIPC is an industry funded “non-profit” corporation) and pay the ridiculous $150 fee for their annual SIPC premium so their investors could “believe” they were protected.

“When investors see the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) seal of approval, they should have the utmost confidence in the account statements they receive. I do not believe these ordinary investors, who knew nothing about the fraud being perpetrated by Bernie Madoff, should be held to a higher standard than the federal government. After all, it was the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that missed the Madoff fraud in the first place. Furthermore, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) was happy to rely on these same statements to collect taxes from the reported profits.” -Representative Scott Garrett

What can you do?

Support HR 6695, write your congressman and join the cause, the American public has the right to hold wall street accountable for it’s mistakes. The bill clarifies that for the purposes of SIPC protection, customers of registered brokers are legally entitled to rely on their customer statements as evidence of what their broker owes them. In a world where customers do not hold physical securities, it could not be any other way. If this legislation is passed investors can be confident that if their brokerage film perpetrates fraud, SIPC will pay up to $500,000. And if SIPC has to pay these claims they will insist that Wall St. be held responsible to keep their premium payments lower. So this bill will not only insure investors it will act as a deterrent to these types of white-collar crimes,




The Tribeca Film Festival, founded by Robert Deniro and Jane Rosenthal has fast become one of the worlds most important film festivals. In God We Trust is an official selection in the Festivals coveted Spotlight section.
Hotdocs is one of the foremost documentary film festivals featuring the best non fiction films each year. In God We Trust is one of only ten films selected in the festivals prestigious World Showcase section.


Eleanore Squillari was Bernie Madoff's personal secretary. She says she unwittingly participated in the massive Ponzi scheme, which operated right under her nose.She is highlighted in the new documentary In God We Trust as it follows her pursuit of the facts in the case...
Meanwhile, In God We Trust—written and directed by Victor Kubicek and Derek Anderson—follows Bernie Madoff’s longtime personal secretary Eleanor Squillari as she tries to find justice after her boss’s arrest in 2008...
Bernie Madoff’s epic Ponzi scheme has been covered from almost every angle. In this world premiere, audiences get a glimpse of the story from the point of view of Madoff’s longtime personal secretary, Eleanor Squillari, who, by her own investigation, dug up facts previously unknown...
A film about Bernie Madoff by Victor Kubicek and Derek Anderson may finally hit theaters after Mark Madoff's suicide forced producers to add a chapter to the story. Kubicek and Anderson have been making a documentary on the Ponzi scammer, centered on interviews with Madoff's longtime secretary, Eleanor Squillari...
The second half of the festival's slate, announced Wednesday, includes the buzzworthy Bernie Madoff documentary "In God We Trust." The Tribeca Film Festival on Wednesday unveiled the second half of its slate, which includes performances by Paul Rudd, Paul Giamatti Julianne Moore...
In God We Trust, directed and written by Victor Kubicek and Derek Anderson. (USA) – World Premiere, Documentary. Bernie Madoff ruined many lives before his arrest in 2008. Perhaps no one was so personally affected as his longtime personal secretary, Eleanor Squillari. Meet Squillari in the days and months after the arrest...
EXCLUSIVE: Eleanor Squillari served as Bernie Madoff‘s personal secretary for 25 years but had no idea her boss was perpetrating the greatest white-collar crime of all time. Derek Anderson and Victor Kubicek’s documentary In God We Trust tracks her quest to help the Feds investigate Madoff’s $65 billion scheme...
Eleanor Squillari leads us through this trailer for In God We Trust telling the story of how she began to help the FBI investigate her boss for twenty-five years Bernie Madoff, the man who was arrested for his $65 billion fraud scheme. What's interesting is how she never really knew anything about it ...